Collectors of Books & Works by Brian & Wendy Froud

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Collectors of Books/Works by Brian and Wendy Froud
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Copyright Brian Froud

Brian and Wendy Froud are two of the most talented and noteworthy fantasy artists of our generation. This community is especially for those Froudians who collect Froud books, art, and other merchandise.

And this is the perfect place for Froudians to:

1) Discuss the dozens upon dozens of books that the Frouds have illustrated, written, or otherwise contributed to.
2) Learn about forthcoming releases, old favourites, and rare/out-of-print titles.
3) Exchange helpful tips about where to find Froud books.
4) Buy, sell, and trade Froud books and merchandise.

All Froudians are welcome to participate in this group, serious and casual book collectors alike!

If you wandered over here from the Froud forum but are not a member here on LJ, you cannot make your own posts but are free to leave comments by selecting "anonymous" and telling us your name.

Feel free to ask all and any questions. I'm a very knowledgeable collector of 10 years with an extensive collection of my own, so if no one else answers, I will. :)

House Rules:

1. Please keep all discussion limited to Brian and Wendy Froud and their works (this includes The Dark Crystal and Labyrinth.) This forum will not be helpful to collectors if the discussion is cluttered with off-topic posts. If you want to discuss personal matters, faerie experiences, etc, please visit the official forum on THE WORLD OF FROUD.
2. You are absolutely welcome to advertise your own auctions, sales and communities, provided that they are strictly Froud-related and do not infringe upon the Frouds' copyright restrictions.
3. If you decide to sell or buy a book here from another collector, I will not be held responsible if something goes awry.
4. Be courteous to and respectful of your fellow Froudians. :)
5. To make the community easy to browse, please title all your entries and post all item lists, images, or lengthy entries behind a lj- cut. Don't know how to use a cut? Click here.

If you have any questions, problems, concerns, or you just want to chat, please feel free to contact me, your friendly mod!

LJ: Lost_Ligeia
Email: DouxQueLaMort@gmail.com

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